Forall productsmanufactured by Hyxion, Yinghua Industrial Park, YaojunVillage, Hongmei Town, Dongguan 523166.

Hyxion disclaimsall express warranties except for the following:

Thiswarranty applies to products purchased and located in the United States.Products purchased or located outside this area are excluded.

Thewarranty does not apply to damage resulting from abuse, accident, naturaldisaster, loss of electrical power to the product for any reason, alteration,outdoor use, improper installation, and improper operation, repair or serviceof the product by anyone other than an authorized Hyxion,service agency or representative.

Warrantiesand Duration

RangeWarranty : two year parts and labor

Rangetop Warranty: two year parts and labor

DishwasherWarranty : two year parts and labor

FridgeWarranty : two year parts and labor

RangeHood Warranty : two year parts

Microwave Warranty : one year parts

WineCooler Warranty :firstyear parts and labor, second year only parts

ToolChest Warranty : one year parts

PizzaOven Warranty : one year parts

Impliedwarranties terminate upon expiration of the limited warranty. Some states donot allow limitations on how long implied warranty lasts, so the abovelimitation may not apply to your implied warranty.

HYXION will pay for:

Allrepair labor and cost of replacement parts found to be defective due tomaterial and workmanship. Service must be provided by a HYXIONAuthorized Service Agency during normal working hours.

For a Service Agency nearest you, pleasecall 1-877-288-8099. 
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